Frustrated with the lack of environmental concerns?  Frustrated with the lack of human concerns? Motivated to translate these concerns into sustainable business practices?  Motivated to translate these concerns into profitable business practices?  Watch the above video to appreciate what Greener Life Certification represents.  Make a difference one purchase at a time!

Derek Hodges, founder and President of Essential Depot, Inc. shared your concerns and motivations.  Motivated sufficiently to implement his vision, in October 2014, Derek started the Greener Life Club.  The vision was to merge sustainable and profitable business practices to advance a better world for all.  However, the cooperation and participation by larger corporations was a problem, but not insurmountable.  In 2016 Derek introduced the Greener Life Diamond (GLD) which codified 4 values:  Carbon Footprint, Animal Friendly, Bio Friendly, and Fair Trade.  Read more about that vision in the GLD White Paper.  Since that time, more than 17,000 people — customers and suppliers — have joined the Greener Life Club.  But more was needed:  transparency.  It is not enough to say that something is valued, it must be demonstrated.  But how can you demonstrate that value to the world?  The answer: Greener Life Certification.

Greener Life Club members make and sell thousands of handcrafted products monthly.  Greener Life Club members differentiate those products not only with branding and quality but also with the Greener Life Diamond turning individual buying decisions into power towards a better world.

The Greener Life Certification initiative was introduced at the Greener Life Member Conference 5th to 7th May 2023 in Erie, PA.  Greener Life Club Lifetime Members will have access to the Greener Life Certification Program.

A new addition to the Essential Depot R.E.D. (Revolutionary Essential Depot) product line is the R.E.D. WEB Portal System which was outlined at the Greener Life Member Conference 5th to 7th May 2023 in Erie, PA. The Portal System will amplify sales of Certified Members Products by allowing their product(s} to be featured on the Essential Depot Shopping Cart.

Profitability does not have to mean an abandonment of Greener Life values.  Both can be done at the same time, just like walking and chewing gum.

Read The Greener Life Manifesto to understand the motivation of Derek and the Greener Life Team. Watch the video below and the videos at