The Greener Life Manifesto

Given the giants that control global markets coupled with the complexity of how the world works, it might seem that you are powerless. What is to be done? How can you be heard? How can you start down your path towards change? An individual decision might seem insignificant, but your next decision is the first step to changing everything. YOU control the single most important power in modern society: YOUR individual buying decisions. Millions and even billions of people who choose, one decision at a time, based on their own values, DO effect change.

Essential Depot offers you The Greener Life: a life built around the conviction that each individual decision matters in making a better world. Buying products that conform to our values pushes us one step closer to a better world. Selling products that conform to our values pushes us another step closer to a better world. Each step is important, not only because it advances us to our goals, but because each decision is an exemplar to others, a signal that their individual decisions also matter.

The 4 quadrants of Essential Depot’s Greener Life Diamond represent certifications in:

• CARBON FOOTPRINT: implementing towards a sustainable and healthy world, purchasing products from companies that do not merely SAY that it is environmentally friendly, but show everyone that it is.

• FAIR TRADE: promoting a world where all people are treated as valuable human persons by using products produced from entities that transparently display proof of this value.

• BIO-FRIENDLY: selecting the effective natural alternative when it exists to avoid products that harm the world.

• ANIMAL FRIENDLY: treating other organisms as fellow travelers on this planet as deserving of healthy lives as is the human race.

In short, Essential Depot values what one might reasonably call the greener life. The ‘green’ represents a commitment to the value of lives well and sustainably led. And the greener life works through the power of individuals making one decision at a time with these 4 values firmly in mind.

Live The Greener Life.