Greener Life Certified Members:

      • Implement practices that strive to improve the welfare of workers.
      • Implement methods to ensure that workers receive a fair wage, safe working conditions, and are treated with respect.
      • Transparency is the key to fair trade.
      • Provide description(s) of ongoing effort(s) to promote fair trade.
      • Are open to independent confirmation of those efforts.
      • Permit feedback mechanisms to demonstrate fair trade.
      • Share ideas, initiatives, and efforts to promote fair trade.
      • Know the names of their employees.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged as each advances the interests of all people across the planet.  An emphasis on entrepreneurial initiative is typically (and wrongly) missing from discussions of fair trade.  Experimentation, even when it fails, is a part of the Greener Life Certified.  Please share your trials and errors.