Greener Life Certified Members:

        • Minimize cruelty to animals, protect habitats, and promote biodiversity.
        • Identify and remove ingredients and components that involve animal testing.
        • Use ingredients and components that do not destroy animal habitats.  Protecting habitats protects species not only for their own sake, but also for possible future benefits for all.
        • Greener Life Certified members understand that there are constraints beyond the control of producers, but nevertheless pledge to do their best to minimize that testing.


Examples of Animal Friendly are business practices are:

            • Palm Oil harvested in a manner that does not destroy orangutan habitats.
            • Palm Oil that does not contribute to deforestation.
            • Tallow that is collected only from waste products.
            • Shea Butter from nuts collected from the ground, sustainably without harming the environment.
            • Natural pest control (e.g. using essential oils).
            • Recycling, thereby reducing the use of landfills.
            • Recycling in mindful ways that protect environments.
            • There are doubtless more!


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